【Amazon面经】SDE 2 Amazon Onsite 开发岗

喵贵妃 15天前 33

Round 1 : This was all behavioral with the hiring manager and was basically LP questions

Round2 : This was a class design . In the beginning there were 2 LP questions then he asked how a hash table is implmented as a starter and then asked to design a file system and implement search on the filesystem based on the certain parameters (like file size creation date etc)

Round 3: Bar raiser Basically asked LP questions and asked to Design a task scheduler (in memory) and then implement a function that 

finds the time a certain task takes to complete (given that there exist tasks that have to be executed before it ) Round 4: Simple Number of islands question along with LP questions

Round 5 : System design (basically design an internal email service that amazon uses to write emails to customers)

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